I made a massive mistake in not updating my contact email address at GoDaddy – the one on the system was so old I was no longer using it. Only when it was too late did I discover a whole batch of my premium domain names had expired and worse still, registered by someone else!

All that work and years of renewal fees down the drain!

The one that annoyed me most was not in fact a business site but a hobby site of mine. Music is a huge passion for me and I had been building SoundSuggestion.com for a few years now. I was gutted, after a few months of neglect, to try and log in and add new content only to discover a spammy splash page. The domain had expired and re-registered by an unknown somewhere in the world. Faced with either trying to contact the person and negotiate a price to buy it back or register a new domain name (I still had a back up of the site itself) I chose the latter.

Not only is it now looking fantastic with it’s new design, it’s also ranking in the search engines better that it ever did. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you www.MusicBore.com

The moral of the story is to keep your details up to date in every account you have but also that even when disaster strikes, it’s not the end of the world and can sometimes prove to be a real positive.

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