So you know how it is, you take stock of everything you have done, everything you’ve built, achieved – your portfolio, legacy.

You take stock of everything and decide, “Nah! It’s not happening.”

Well regarding my online empire, that’s exactly where I was at. Everything was so fragmented, sites here, sales pages there. A forum here, a video there etc. etc.. It was a mess with no direction and I decided something had to change.

I could have taken the easy option and just tarted things up a bit, a new WordPress theme maybe, or some new graphics? In the end, I decided to bin all of my old, tired looking web sites and start afresh with a plan, purpose and direction. I started with this one!

Kiosk2 has been my main marketing brand for years now (named after a band I was in over 30 years ago) but due to a combination of laziness, distractions, kids growing up and just generally being busy elsewhere, I have neglected it.

The new look is just the start, watch out for further updates of my main products and brands.