Monthly Archives: January 2015

Selling Offline? Check Out This Awesome Payment Processor

Posted by in News on January 8, 2015

For many people selling to offline clients, taking payments other than cash or cheques has often been a complicated process. Setting up a merchant account, installing a landline with a payment terminal (which limits you to only taking payments from your office) etc. Recently, mobile terminals have been popping up and PayPal launched their own last


Shh… It’s Just A Little Bit Black Hat…

Posted by in News on January 4, 2015

Being an affiliate can sometimes be fraught with pitfalls. The biggest pitfall of them all is getting your affiliate cookie on the prospect’s computer. For what ever unknown psychological reason, some people just don’t like to think you’re making any money out of them, even if you’ve done them a service. This is what happens.


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